As days go by, and time stands still;

I have been able to watch the years behind me, thank god for vision.

As exams turned into interviews of many kinds, and jobs into careers;

I am able and continue to learn and studied lifes journey this far, thank god for my knowledge.

As I listen to my children’s silly complaints, and their gentle but loud  “I love you’s”

I smile gracefully &  silently with my head tilted to the side, thank god for hearing.

My body round and healthy, and my soul is defined with the world-wide flavours I have sampled;

I’ve  enjoyed a spicy slice of life thus far and mmmmmm , thank god for taste.

His gentle hug, and soft big hands, a brush of those lips against my round cheeks;

I embrace this feeling of pure warmth and lust that is indescribable, thank god for TOUCH.

Amber Roads, and Euphoria galore, cinnamon tea, magnolia’s and the shores .. wait.. and so much more;

I close my eyes and breath in deep, I’m humbly at ease, thank god for the sense of smell!

We forget these amazing things  are free,  special gifts you have received without an occasion, a definite daily celebration.


To feel, to heal, to smell so well, to hear, to taste and to dream.   Always remember those gifts you earned, and use them beyond your imagination.



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