About ME!

I have always loved to write!

Inspirational, motivational or simple quotes made to inspire and help motivate many I encounter in my day-to-day life.  I have finally made time to follow my passion, and I truly hope to inspire others to join me, as I commite to  motivating myself and those who choose to join me on my journey.

I am a 38 year old mother of 2, in a happy commited relationship.  I work full-time and devote myself to my family and many other passions!  I sit on Committee’s and Board of Directors, to give my opinion on matters, but to listen tentatively to those opinions of others.   I come from a very large family, at times I prefer to be a loner in the group, that allows me peace of mind, and it allows me the opportunity to love from afar, and draw those I require near and dear to me  – when suitable.

I value family, but I value respect!  These 2 important values in my life, have clashed in the past – I thank god I have the ability to differentiate between the two, and sometimes take into understanding it is hard to receive respect even from “family”.  I have learned to define my definition of family, and with that definition I was able to comprehend respect, it is then I realized  sadly for some – it is hard to respect  those that may be family, who in return have never had respect for ME!  My “family” is respectfully who I have chosen to be in my life, and in reality have gained my RESPECT!

Join me — and be part of my respectful BLOG FAMILY!



Pretty Gyal


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