Perfect Imperfections


Today, I would like to challenge you to a little test!

1. Take a minute and prepare yourself to focus for once on YOU ONLY!

– take a piece of paper, and write down for one minute (only 60 seconds) – all the things you dislike/ or would like to change about yourself.


2. Flip over the paper, this is where the test gets harder.

– give yourself 2 minutes this time!  ( 120 seconds)  and write down all the things you LOVE about yourself.




–  Basis of this exercise, was to show you – that it was VERY easy to complete a list of dislikes about YOU!!  In the meantime taking extra time to focus on all the wonderful things was a challenge!  Are we that hard on ourselves?  WHY?   It’s important to take that list and look at it.. yes of course, we all have things we would love to change  – and most of those things are your list are things YOU have control over!  I haven’t seen your list, but I can assure you.. it included things like  – appearance, habits ( smoking, drinking, swearing), time management ( procrastination etc..) possibly even image.   These are all things YOU have control to change!   YOU must stop allowing yourself the opportunity to constructively insult yourself, you have something, someone else is struggling to admire about themselves. 



Q: – Why do you struggle so much to impress those around us?


Pretty Gyal


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