It is really sad, that in 2015 Racism is still a major factor. Many will say we have come along way, however that comment is made by someone who has never had to face racism or stereotypes even discrimination. As black people we have double duties.. one to work extra hard to get what you want and two, to prepare yourself for the negative that will come because you are not who “they” expected you to become or more important get to a level you should haven’t been given opportunity to get to. SOme of us won’t even get jobs or promotions, because of our names on our resumes or requests. further more we are faced with these constant battles, HOWEVER WE have the opportunity to rise above all of it on an individual occurrence, and support others who face the same accounts of pettiness and foolishness.. I will not let others define who I am simply because I am living and writing my OWN definition of ME. So while I hear those talk about me, or behind my back, it has all just been noise, I can never allow others  to remove my own expectations of myself to fail for those disturbed critics…. I WILL NOT BE DEFINED BY DISCRIMINATION!


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