Wether you belive or you don’t… something brought you to this blog.  Could it have been the mere thought, you wanted to see just exactly what defines a miracle?  Possibly it was the fact that you wanted to understand that miracles do happen?  For those skeptical, you wanted to revisit the tales of those who truly don’t belive in anything expect negativity!   I can’t say I DO or DON’T belive in miracles… simple because I am yet to see a REAL “MIRACLE” happen before my eyes.

With saying that… I witnessed my son born, and to me it was a miracle to see a real live human being come out of my body!  A miracle to know that I grew this human within me, and a miracle to feel something growing inside you.  A miracle to some.. Life to others.

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?  Do you belive in miracles?

Talk to me Grown people!



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